How it Works

MailMedic stops emails containing spam and viruses from reaching your mailbox. All your emails are sent and received through a series of mail filters to ensure the only emails you receive are the ones you want to.

Web Filtering

Think of MailMedic as your personal email assistant. It uses advanced web filtering to handle emails for you, and passes onto you only the ones you want enabling you to get on with effectively running your business. By scanning all internet requests before they are delivered or sent, MailMedic lowers risk to you - all without the costly installation of hardware or software.

Complete Protection

  • Both HTTP & FTP requests are scanned for viruses and spyware, ensuring that all possible threats are prevented before even reach your network.
  • Unwanted file downloading, such as media files can be prevented globally or by a user. This reduces the load on internal systems, frees up bandwidth, and importantly reduces risk of infection.


  • Ensuring users can only access the content they need protects them from potentially offensive material and saves companies any hours wasted by staff using the internet for personal use.
  • Ability to set access to individual user level and functional by time, date and location. MailMedic categories millions of URLs are categorised in 7 main categories and 70 sub categories. This continuously updated database ensures the most comprehensive contol.


  • An easy-to-use web control panel offers powerful tools that allow control over individual user level.
  • See which sites and downloads have been attempted by which users via realtime logs.
  • Accurately monitor all internet use thanks to detailed reports.


  • Signature and heuristic virus scanning
  • Spyware scanning
  • Content restriction by file type
  • HTTP & FTP scanning
  • URL filtering by page key features
  • Policy enforcement to user level
  • Real-time reporting and access logs to user level
  • Customised 'deny' pages
  • Roaming user identification
  • Managed 24/7 – no hardware / software / maintenance / no hassle (so lower costs)
  • Filters words – looks for ‘buzz’ words (Viagra, penis etc, etc…)
  • Filters images – weeding out pornographic and unsuitable imagery
  • Outbound as well as inbound virus filters (protects your company reputation by stopping your company spreading viruses unknowingly)
  • Dashboard provides complete visibility of what is being blocked – so you can create reports, audit the service, and control what is happening - by remote control via a portal on the website!