Spam Control

MailMedic blocks 99% of Spam with only 0.0003% false positives (e-mail blocked that should have got through.) It also prevents the spam from ever reaching your inbox in the first place.

Can your spam solution do that?

Why Stop Spam?

According to a study by the Radicati Research Group Inc., a research firm based in Palo Alto, California, spam costs businesses US$20.5 billion annually in decreased productivity as well as in technical expenses. Nucleus Research estimates that the average loss per employee annually because of spam is approximately $1934.

So why does spam cost businesses so much and how can MailMedic save you money? Spam can enter a network through way of incoming web connection - say an infected email or a file download. Once spam is in system it can cause software and hardware problems of various scales - the small-scale problems that drain precious man-hours to fix the problem, or the large-scale problems which can cause loss of data and destroy hardware. And once you have spam on your computer, you may well be sending it on to other businesses, liable for causing the same damages all over again.

MailMedic is designed to manage these connections, only letting through emails that are free from spam, therefore saving you time and money. It also controls general web-usage, helping prevent spam coming through other sources as well.

MailMedic truly is the spam solution that pays for itself. Enquire Now.