Virus Prevention

MailMedic stops emails containing spam and viruses from reaching your mailbox. All your emails are sent and received through a series of mail filters to ensure the only emails you receive are the ones you want to.

Why Prevent Viruses?

Spam emails are not only likely to reduce productivity due to loss of time spent reading, sorting and deleting them, but can also reduce productivity by hardware and software being damaged by viruses. Spam emails are the main carriers of viruses, making them responsible for the bulk of malicious viruses spread between organsisations around the world.

In fact, it is estimated that viruses cost businesses over $USD 80 Billion annually.

Without guarding against these viruses, your computer hardware and software is at risk, often resulting in expensive repairs or even replacement. In many cases, data may also be damaged or lost, which is usually irreplaceable and also carries many vital personal details.

By investing small in MailMedic, you can save you and your business big!